Terms & Conditions

Heads Up Specialty Hats is a web-based store, taking orders on our secure website, by email, by phone or in person. Purchases will be paid for in advance using a PayPal account, credit, debit, or in cash. Checks will not be accepted. This is a secure and protected website so that your personal information and credit card data is not subject to outside parties. All orders require a product Description, SKU #, Color, Size (refer to the Hat Size link) and a confirmation of the listed Price. A standard sales tax will be applied accordingly. Shipping and handling fees may vary depending upon the location of delivery (refer to the Shipping & Handling link). Orders will be shipped by USPS, and the fees will be based upon the transit time, which is selected by the customer at the time of purchase. All products will be paid in full, in advance, prior to being processed (within a 72 hour period). Free product tracking will be provided by USPS.com, which includes tracking from point “A” to point “B”, including the delivery location, time and date. The GPS tracking system is used to confirm the actual address it was delivered to. Once the item is delivered, the customer will accept full responsibility for the shipment.

RETURNS- Processed for damaged or defective items only. Credits will be applied to the account (PayPal, credit, debit) which was used to make the initial purchase.

OUR GOAL- Provide a quality product at a competitive price, which you will be pleased with for years to come. We encourage you to refer new customers to our online Hat Store, and have you as a returning customer to purchase your next GREAT Hat!

By accepting these conditions, I agree to place this order, as specified and make payment in full.

Thank You.


Direct inquiries to-

Website: www.headsupspecialtyhats.com                                   

email: Headsupspecialtyhats@comcast.net                    

call: 916-712-7177