Choosing A Hat

Choose The Style of Hat Which is BEST For You-

DIAMOND shaped Face:

Long and narrow, with a tapered chin, widest at the cheek bones. A Gatsby or Ivy (aka Newsboy) cap looks best on taller men, has a trendy, although simple and traditional look. They can be worn for casual or dress, are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics, including; wool, cotton, linen, polyester, and blends. The Fedora style, which is bit taller (approx 4-5″) would look great. Consider the Fedora to match the season, available in wool, felt, leather, and straw. Keep your head warm during the winter, and protect your head from the sun’s rays with a Straw hat in the summertime.

OBLONG shaped Face:

Longer than it is wide, and common with taller men, rounded chin. The hat will sit lower on the forehead. Fedora, Gatsby, or Ivy hats all look superior, and can be worn with suits, dress, casual, or dress-casual. Wear them to work, on your day off, on a date, to a party or an event. You are sure to get noticed, receive compliments, and possibly line up a date for your next outing. If you have hair loss and/or a reseeding hairline, wearing a hat will disguise it and could make you look 5-10 years younger.

SQUARE shaped Face:

As long as it is wide, with a squared-off, wider chin and forehead. Medium height Fedoras (aka Pork Pies) are approx 1″ shorter in height, or hats with a narrow brim would look awesome. For dress, casual, or to look professional at work, this style is recommended. Choose the hat color and fabric that will compliment and match your outfit. Try a flipped up brim on the back-side (aka Trilby) for added fashion. Fedoras are one of the most popular styles dating back to the early 1900’s and are still popular in the twentieth century. Try one on and look in the mirror to find out why they have remained popular with Hollywood Stars, such as the “late” Frank Sinatra & Michael Jackson, as well as Jonny Depp.

ROUND shaped Face:

The “Pork Pie”, shorter Fedora enhances the shape of the circular face and it looks fashionable. They look GREAT on all men, especially shorter men, under 5’6″ tall. To be trendy or just being in style, this would be your best option, available in wool, felt, leather, acrylic, polyester or straw. The brims may vary in size from 1-2″ wide. Choose the style you’ll like best. Don’t forget to ask your partner for their opinion, since they know best what looks superior on you.


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