The company, Heads Up Specialty Hats began their research in 2016, and began selling hats online in 2017. The President is a Hat Enthusiast, who, himself owns a large variety of fashionable and quality Fedoras. The owner is known to wear one of his stellar hats every day of the year, and receives numerous questions and compliments, as to where he was purchasing his hats. The owner realized that he had to shop out of state, online, to buy great hats. He began studying them, learning about other companies and what they had done to be successful in the industry. He began to look at the competition, studied pricing and found that with an online store, and minimal overhead, he could sell hats at much better prices than brick and mortar stores, which had to pay for rent and utilities. With the owner having an 11 year background in Retail, Sales, Merchandising, and Management, a distributor was located and the online Hat Store began to sell premium quality hats at great prices. A good friend of the owner came up with the name “Heads Up Specialty Hats”. The name was awesome, so here we are…

We strive to provide each and every customer with a quality product at a reasonable and competitive price. Heads Up Specialty Hats are fashionable, well made, and we take pride in providing them to our customers. There are well-known brand names such as Carlos Santana, Indiana Jones, Scala, and Stetson, just to name a few. We know the importance of quality along with exceptional customer service, and will strive to pride it to every customer who supports our company. The company owner encourages customer feedback (website link) and will review every one personally. As we continue to grow, build a family of Hat Lovers, improve our services and offer the best hats to our customers, your feedback is important to our success. You, the customer, is who we work for and we are here to please. Thank you for your business, and don’t hesitate to tell your friends and family about our fabulous, easy to use website, great selection of Hats, and online services.

Thank You.


email to: Headsupspecialtyhats@comcast.net

website: www.headsupspecialtyhats.com

or call: 916-712-7177

Business License # 26732, on file in the city of Elk Grove, CA