Patchwork Flat Caps For Men Of Style

Have you seen our newest patchwork Flat Caps aka “Jack Daniels” that just arrived? Flat Caps are now the second most popular style worn by men, next to the traditional Baseball Caps. They are also known as Ivy, Newsboy, or Gatsby Caps, which are popular in the European countries as well as the United States. These Flat Caps are made of fifty percent wool blend, available in browns combined with blue tones, and include a satin inner lining.

These Caps are of premium quality, made to last, and are offered at Hard to Beat prices. Our low overhead, by selling strictly on a website, keeps our prices very reasonable. Check our online competitors to find out for yourself. Wear it for fashion, or to look great while protecting your head from dangerous skin cancers or becoming sunburn from the sun’s rays. You’ll be truly amazed!

On our Hat website: these Caps are located on page five (5) of the SHOP page. Use the drop-down link on the website to learn how to measure your head and determine your Hat size. These Caps are known to be a Best Seller, are versatile in color and will coordinate with many of your outfits. You can be sure that you will look fashionable in your new Cap. It will look great with a dressy or casual attire, including a wool or tweed Pea Coat during the winter season.

This stylish Flat Cap is nicknamed after the whiskey, Jack Daniels. Just like Jack Daniels is an awesome Whiskey, it is also known as the Hat of choice. Not only will you love the name, you will love this Jack Daniels Patchwork Flat Cap. They are available in sizes; small, medium, large and extra large.

These Caps are made by one of the greatest and well-known Hat distributors, DPC, also known as Dorfman Pacific. On the website, under the account link, you’ll also learn how to store and care for your new Flat Cap. 

In California there is FREE Shipping to most cities, and you’ll be able to complete your purchase by using your Debit or Credit account, on our safe and secured website, by Choose from various shipping options and receive FREE GPS tracking, from the United States Postal Service, until your item arrives at your doorstep. 

Our customers are the reason we exist, and we take great pride in giving all of our customers exceptional service. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us by email at: One of our qualified staff members will contact you within twenty four hours. You’ll quickly realize that we are committed to working hard at resolving any issues you might have. Our professionals are always willing to assist you. If you’ve been satisfied with our products and services, please refer our website to your friends and family members. We would also appreciate it if you added our online posts to your personal Facebook page. 

Don’t miss this special opportunity to purchase a premium quality patchwork Flat Cap for just $25.00 plus sales tax.

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